Friday, April 24, 2009

whiskers on kittens

So my techno-reluctant partner finally read my blog, and remarked that I seem very detached. It makes sense that he would think so, since we live together and he has witnessed most of the peaks and nadirs of my emotional reaction to this whole cancer issue. I think that writing allows me to get a bit more scientific about it all, dissect the experience much like that fetal pig in Bio 101 (8 feet of intestines!). But sometimes not. Like that last one. I sat down to write and didn't even know what was coming until it was on the page. Every pathetic bit of it.

Anyway, today I've had enough of cancer, and I'm going to tell you about just a couple of things that have made me very happy lately.

These flowers were given to me at an awesome party that my friends had for me. They fed me treats (tiramisu!) and made me laugh and gave me presents. The next morning, the flowers and our Easter eggs were lit up in the morning sun on the kitchen counter. A bunch of fresh flowers in my kitchen never fails to make me cheerful. The daffodils in our yard are about to open, and a couple dozen tulips that I planted last fall are coming up. Greg built a cage to protect them from the deer, so I'll actually get to see them bloom this year.

I finally got some jewelry finished, and I'll be able to get my etsy shop looking swell before I head off to surgery. I also had some business postcards made, and I really love the way that they came out, so I'm starting to feel like I have an actual fledgling business. This is one of the rings that I made. 

This is a quilt that I started last spring. The blocks are stitched and pressed, and now I just have to sew them together. Then the batting, backing and binding. I don't know if I'll be able to finish it before surgery, but even if not, seeing it all laid out like this makes me happy.

Claire and I went for a bike ride/walk on the carriage roads last week. We had an orange and some chocolate beside Hadlock Pond. 

I gave the kids my old camera. I was looking through my photo library the other day, and came across a series of shots like these that I didn't know were there. They made me laugh. Silly, crazy kids.

Tomorrow I'll probably be back to morosely mulling over mid-life. In the meantime, we're off to enjoy the spring sunshine. I hope you are able to as well. 


  1. I love you Patti! (secret admirer)

  2. oh, not so secret when it says "Julie" said. How did it know????

  3. haha funny julie

    beautiful pictures

  4. I noticed some of your writting you end with how you'll probably go back to feeling morose again and of course you will who wouldnt but it is quite remarkable how you are noticing the beauty in your life and enjoying experiences with friends and family and pushing forward when many would wither.I love that you are talking about what made you feel good as well as bad .You are strong , courageous, and real.